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With our considerable experience and variety of project profiles, Soleos, a global leader in solar EPC, has developed key competencies in solar design & engineering, supply of solar components, commissioning of solar power plants, and regulatory clearances.

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    Our Purpose: Clean Energy

    Let’s Create a Sustainable, Dependable, Affordable Future For The Entire World.

    At Soleos Solar, we believe clean energy isn’t just a dream; it’s the foundation for a brighter tomorrow. We’re committed to building a sustainable future for all by providing dependable and affordable solar solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and communities to make a lasting impact.

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    Best Solar Company
    Bhavesh Rathod

    By supplying top-notch technologies & sustainable energy solutions, Soleos is dedicated to advancing solar technology in more than 5 nations.


    Mr. Bhavesh Kumar Rathod

    Founder and Managing Director

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