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    What is Third-Party Solar (PPA)?

    Focus on Your Business, We’ll Handle the Solar

    Solar solutions installed under a third party or solar power purchase agreement (PPA) are ideal for consumers who want to enjoy the benefits of solar power without investing in the upfront capital or taking on the operational risks.
    They can also help you lock in a fixed and lower tariff for a long-term contract. If you’re looking for a hassle-free and affordable solar EPC in India, Soleos is one of the best options you can explore.

    Power Producer

    Our third-party solar solutions provide a lucrative opportunity for power producers to generate revenue and diversify their portfolio by offering solar energy through PPAs, producers can secure stable, long-term contracts while contributing to a sustainable future.
    PPA Benefits for Solar Producer

    Power Consumer

    For consumers seeking to embrace renewable energy without huge financial investment, our third-party solar solutions offer an ideal solution. With minimal payment security and fixed/lower tariffs over long-term contracts, buyers can enjoy the benefits of energy costs.
    PPA Benefits For Consumer

    Benefits for Your Business

    Why Choose Third-Party Solar (PPA) with Soleos?

    • Focus on Core Business: Free up capital and resources for core business activities.
    • Faster Implementation: Start saving on electricity bills sooner with a quicker installation process.
    • Expert Maintenance & Monitoring: Soleos Solar ensures optimal system performance throughout the PPA term.
    • Performance Guarantees: Peace of mind with guaranteed energy production from the solar system.
    • Scalable Solutions: We design and install systems tailored to your specific energy needs.

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