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Soleos Unveils New Generation Solar Panel: Powerful, Unique, and Futuristic!

New Generation Solar Panel

Soleos, one of the world’s leading EPC service providers, has recently introduced its unrivalled solar panel- ANTARES BI 144.

Recognizing the latest advancements and development in the energy sector, the company launched its sought-after solar panel module.

Technical Specifications and Performance

The recently-launched product offers increased efficiency to optimize space and lower overall system costs. This 182 and 212 mm cell ultra-high power module falls in the mono-crystalline silicon category and features the latest PERC Solar cells with high transmission energy.

Exceptional Features

The solar panel project ANTARES BI 144 provides top-level energy output of 21.5 per cent. It withstands wind loads up to 2.4 kPa and snow loads up to 5.5 kPa. In addition, the solar panel product ANTARES BI 144 has high radiation transmission capacity and tends to be proof against the adverse effects of sunlight.

Bifacial Technology (Solar Panel) for Increased Output

The newly launched solar panel project also features a bifacial solar panel with dual glass technology, aiming to intensify the output up 10-15 per cent from the capacity of 400 watts to 700 watts, with a 70 per cent bifacially factor. This solar panel maximizes the kWh output per unit area and boasts German technology manufacturing facility.

Founder’s Perspective on ANTARES BI 144 (Solar Panel)

Talking about the launch of the solar panel project, the company’s founder says, “We are extremely delighted to announce the new solar panel project ANTARES BI 144. With the introduction of our newly launched project, we have ensured to offer exceptional technical specifications and unique features to our clientele. From offering fresh designs, and top-level energy output to excellent generation performance backed by financial guarantees, and much more, we are aiming to provide our clients with the best kind of solar energy solutions. So, if you are looking forward to new-age technology and revolutionary experience, you are in the right place”.

Soleos Journey and Global Impact

Incorporated in 2012 under the able leadership of Bhavesh Kumar Rathod, the company has founded its strong roots in providing clients with cutting-edge, affordable, sustainable, and reliable solar power solutions.

Headquartered in India, (https://www.soleosenergy.com) Soleos now successfully operates in countries like the UK, UAE, Germany, and Africa. The firm has made a dominant position in the modular solution industry with the highest quality solar power plants with the highest performance.

In a short span of time, the organization has developed key competencies in solar design & engineering, supply of solar components, commissioning of solar power plants, and regulatory clearances. To create an ecological and economically sustainable world, the firm is time and again inventing something new. And with the recently launched project, Soleos have initiated a quantum leap in Solar power technology.

The firm Soleos was awarded Asia’s largest Solar Carport in 2016 at Honda, Rajasthan. Besides this, the firm has also achieved 6.5 units/kW generation in a day at Powerpac & Connect Power plants and acquired 8.33% of Gujarat’s market share solely with clients’ trust. With our newly developed solar tracker Soleos have been able to provide 35 per cent additional energy to customer, reducing the cost of electricity drastically.

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